Bicycle Turn Signals - Wearable Safety

100% automatic, wearable bicycle turn signals.
Turn your hand signals into flashing indicator lights!

Useeme lights up your hand signals to keep you visible and safe when turning or changing lanes.

Useeme keeps you safe

Automatically flashing hand signals help you to...

Reduce the chance of cycling accidents.

Warn others before turning left or right.

Make sure cars give you way while changing lanes.

Avoid getting hit while passing roadside obstacles.

Boost your visibility and demand attention from others.

Educate your children to always use hand signals.


"What a fantastic idea, a friend of mine was hit by a car last Friday (he is OK, but very shaken up) and this idea is A+++ for increasing bike safety at night."
Ryan (customer)
"This is great idea and it is a surprise that we have not seen anything like this before as it provides cyclists with a means of riding on the road in traffic safely."
¿El futuro de la señalización para ciclistas?
"Useeme finally has working prototypes with an intriguing design. Is this the future of bicycle signalling?"
"Wow, I think we created something cool."
The inventor
"I can very well imagine such a turn signal wristband to be a useful extension to front and tail lights."