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Safe on the streets

Safe on the streets

Useeme boosts your visibility and demands attention from others by turning your hand signals into flashing turn signals. 

It makes sure motorists and other cyclists take special care around you.

100% Automatic

100% Automatic

Useeme's motion sensor technology detects your hand signals. No switches, no distractions, it's fully automatic.

The wristbands start flashing when you make a hand signal and stop flashing when your hand is back on the handle. You cycle just like before, but much safer.

Smartly programmed

Smartly programmed

We put a lot of effort into programming Useeme and fine-tuned the hand signal detection algorithms. Your hand signals are always detected but the wristbands won't flash when you scratch your nose or reach down for the water bottle.

It works with all kinds of bikes and all types of handlebars, even after changing your grip.

Great battery life

Great battery life

Useeme wristbands are powered by state-of-the-art Lithium polymer batteries. A double-headed micro USB cable is included for charging, but you won't have to use it very often.

With average commuter usage (2 hours a day) you can go at least 2 weeks on a single charge.

Always visible

Always visible

Bright orange power LEDs emit rapid bursts of light to make sure your hand signals are always visible. The flashing is impossible to miss even in bright daylight.

The lights run around your wrist to make sure the flashing is visible to everyone around you.

Comfortable and flexible

Comfortable and flexible

The wristbands are easy to put on and flexible enough to fit all your clothes. Use them with gloves, fitness trackers, on your jacket, or your bare hands.

Microfibre padding inside makes them comfortable on bare hands. Comes in 2 sizes.

Weather proof

Weather proof

Some people only ride their bikes when the sun is out.

If you're not one of those people, you can still count on Useeme Bike Turn Signals. We built the wristbands to be very robust and withstand any weather.

Even when it's dark and rainy outside, your hand signals will be bright and shiny.

What people say

I live in Scotland and have long dark commutes in winter and drive on the left. USeeMe is brilliant especially when turning right as it gives lot of confidence. Great safety addition. The sensors are surprisingly good making it very easy to use even with drop bars.

If you're looking for a great gift for yourself or a cyclist friend buy this, because this is the best idea ever for indicating. I would make it compulsory for children.

This allows you to have your turn signal seen by all road users, which I think is absolutely fantastic.

Number one SAFETY!

Paul on Facebook

I am using the indicators when out cycling  in failing light conditions and they are proving to be very effective. I have added their use into the regular road safety lectures I deliver at the University of Cambridge.

I think they're amazing! I will wear them every day and tell all my customers.

These are great and have given me confidence to ride in the dark.

What a fantastic idea, a friend of mine was hit by a car last Friday (he is OK, but very shaken up) and this idea is A+++ for increasing bike safety at night.

Ryan, Australia

This is great idea and it is a surprise that we have not seen anything like this before as it provides cyclists with a means of riding on the road in traffic safely.


Today I got my signals - and I should tell it to all people, these are AWESOME turn signal lights! When I opened, they just worked out of the box. All of my family gets to see them, and all the children want to wear them. Some of them just wanted to sleep wearing them. :) The build quality is superb, the feel is comfortable.

Zsolt Menyhárt, Hungary

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A pair Useeme Bike Turn Signal wristbands on wood table
Useeme box contents
Useeme box contents
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